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In our event we

  • will share with you our insights into 'work as an integration machine'
  • we share our findings from interviews with eye-witnesses and places witnessed

About our Project

When we asked eye-witnesses how integration worked in the heavy industry workplace, people said: "It worked" - "It had to work".

Integration seems to have been a 'natural by-product' of work in those days.

Nowadays the industrial sites have gone or become cultural heritage sites. What has happened to the 'machine' at work that made integration happen in those days? What can we learn from it?

We set out to get a grip and feel of those times. To smell, feel and explore the sites of work, the landscapes and cityscapes work shaped in those days. We set out to capture the narratives people shared, talk to eye-witnesses, former workers, trainers, family members, organisers of freetime activities. Trying to trace the shaping forces that made the influx of people to shape a unifying, productive stream.

Opening the Discussion - The INTEGRATION MACHINE

Share your thoughts with us! Join us in our eTwinning forum!
Tell us about your experiences with work as an integration machine.

eTwinning Forum ::: Arriving
eTwinning Forum ::: Helpful sites
eTwinning Forum ::: Shaping Forces
eTwinning Forum ::: Forces at the workplaces 50 years ago

eTwinning Live EVENT

05.06.2020 10:00 1hr - NEW DATE!
Join us in our eTwinning event!
Let us bring our discussions together!
We will share our results with you from interviews with eye-witnesses and visits to locations.

eTwinning Life Event

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Follow UP

05.06.2020 - 06.06.2020
Coming together in an event brings up new thought and ideas. Let us collect our ideas!

::: Recreating the 'Integration Machine'
::: Criteria for societies that were successful in integration
::: A day in the lives of Yannis and Vanessa in 2050
eTwinning Forum  ::: Recreating the Machine, Vanessa and Yannis' diary


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